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Greenovia Crafts FAQs

1. How do I care for...?

Please read our Plant Care page and contact us if you have any further questions.

2. Help! I think it's dying...what do I do? 

Oh no! Email us at with a description of what is happening and an attached photo so we can help you troubleshoot. We cannot guarantee your plants will live forever, but we will help you as best we can to figure out what is going on.

3. How do you ship your designs? 

We reuse shipping materials from our families, friends, local post offices, and businesses to reduce our impact on the environment. We are very particular about how we pack your items so that they reach you safely. If something goes wrong, please contact us and will work with you to make it right. Some items are only available for local delivery.

4. Where do you ship to and how much does it cost? 

Many of our designs are available for shipping within the continental USA, and costs vary according to size and weight. Typical shipping costs are $15 and up. Some of our items are available for local delivery only, within 25 miles of Brockton, MA.

5. Should I be worried about weather affecting my plants while they are in shipment?

No worries! We think about this for you. If we think your design needs a hot/cold pack, will put one in. Please do not let the package sit outside for more than a couple hours though, and make sure to water upon receipt. If weather prevents shipping, we'll let you know.

6. Where is your retail store? 

We do not have one. We work out of our home-based studios on the South Shore of MA and in King George County, VA, and regularly travel out to feature our designs at shows, expos, and other events.

7. Can you custom-make something for me?

Sure! We love doing custom work. Please read our Custom Orders page.

8. Do you sell in bulk?

Our designs are typically one-of-a-kind, so usually cannot be bulk ordered. If it is bulk you want though, please contact us in case the design you're interested in may be an exception. We also offer custom order services for event favors and gifts so in that sense, yes, we can do bulk.

9. Do you wholesale or dropship?

At this time, no, but if you would like us to then let's talk about it.

10. How much do you charge for parties/workshops/demos?

It depends on the number of guests, plant designs being featured, location, and so many other things. That's why we give you a custom quote after speaking with you. For our public events, details including cost are listed on our Find Us page or through the venue we're working with.