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Supplies We Seek

Greenovia Crafts supplies needed

As part of our promises to society and the environment, many of the supplies we use are reclaimed or local artisan-made, but often it is hard to find what we need. If you or anyone you know can help supply us, please contact us.

We would love to take your unwanted stuff off you or, if you are a maker/creator, talk about whether we can work with your products.

Here's what we typically look out for:

✽ Artisan-made containers: handblown glass, hand-carved wood, metalwork

✽ Containers we can upcycle, such as wine bottles and large liquor bottles (preferably clear glass, though sometimes we take large colored glass), mason jars, maple syrup jars, etc.

✽ Containers that are secondhand, such as fish bowls, apothecary jars, unused scientific glassware, shallow and wide bowls/dishes, etc.

✽ Other containers such as decorative bird cages, lanterns, Wardian cases, deep frames, wooden bowls, etc.

✽ Figurines up to 3" tall in the shapes of people, animals, garden furniture, benches, lamp posts, licensed characters, tiny cars (smaller than Matchbox) and more

✽ Rescued moss or lichen from your property (that is, moss that otherwise would be destroyed due to construction, gardening, etc. - we will come rescue it)

Hollow toys shaped like animals or large toy pickup trucks (metal preferred)

✽ Real bone, wood, ceramic or plastic skulls from all creatures

✽ Natural materials such as rocks, minerals and gemstones; sea shells, urchin shells and sea fans; dried flowers; driftwood; etc.

✽ Sea glass or tumbled glass

Think you have something else we might like? We would love to hear about it.