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Private Events

Planting parties are fun for all ages! At Greenovia Crafts, we offer three options for DIY terrarium-making* activities at children's birthday parties, weddings and corporate events.

Please contact us to discuss your needs in detail. After we speak, we will provide you with a personal proposal for your consideration.

✽ Option 1: terrarium-making bar kit

This is a great option for casual events. We send you all you need to set up your own terrarium-making bar at your event: containers, rocks, charcoal, soil, moss, decorations themed to your event and DIY instructions. You will need to divide out ingredients for your guests and provide aprons, scoops, sticks and water. You may want to facilitate the activity, too.

✽ Option 2: full-service terrarium-making bar

This is a great option for large or formal events. All you need to worry about is providing us with a table and table cloth - we have the rest covered. We will come to your venue to set up a fabulous do-it-yourself station complete with a lush, fully-assembled terrarium centerpiece that you get to keep (or raffle/auction off). The bar will include a gorgeous instructional poster and all the items necessary for your guests to make their own green worlds. Terrarium decorations will match your event theme, and we will work with you on other bar customizations. If you want, we will stay to 'bar-tend' this station for you; otherwise, we will be back at the end of your event to clean up and recover any leftover materials so there is less waste.

✽ Option 3: DIY terrarium packs

This is the best option for children's birthdays (or as guest favors). We provide individual, ready-to-go terrarium-making packs. Just place a pack in front of each guest and get making! Each pack will include everything needed to make one terrarium: container, rocks, charcoal, soil, moss and decorations (to match your event theme, if possible) - plus an apron, stick and instructions. You may choose to facilitate the activity, let guests get on making themselves or have us come along to facilitate for you. Additional customizations are also available, such as messaging on packs (e.g., "Happy 9th Birthday, Eva!").

*Marimo, airiums and kokedama are possible, too, depending on the age of your guests, venue type and time allocated for the activity. Please contact us to discuss these options.