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Blue Star Fern Kokedama

Blue Star Fern Kokedama



A 90s spin-off from the bonsai art form, 'kokedama' translates from the Japanese to 'moss ball'. Traditionally wrapped in living moss, at Greenovia Crafts we use a variety of lower maintenance natural fibers to contain plant roots in our own mixes of organic soil. Each plant ball is finished off with biodegradable twine to form a potless houseplant design.

Kokedama look great displayed au naturel on waterproof surfaces or sat in a dish, or may be hung vertically in hangers. Display one solo or in an arranged 'string garden' for an unexpected bit of living art in your home.

This design

If only we had a pet dinosaur to go with this fern! Prettily prehistoric looking, Phlebodium aureum, commonly known as blue star fern, has calming blue-green fronds. This plant doesn't need a lot of light, requiring only indirect light, and appreciates humidity, so its a great choice for a bathroom or kitchen. As for watering, keep soil slightly moist but not waterlogged. Further care guidance is available here.

This design features organic coco fiber, and white and gold metallic twine. Overall, about 12" tall with a ball diameter of 5".

Please note that each design is living and handmade. As such, variations in plant color, size, shape, etc. should be expected.

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