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Bromeliad Kokedama

Bromeliad Kokedama


This showy Bromeliad kokedama is super easy-care despite its exotic appearance. For this kokedama design, the soil ball is wrapped in preserved moss and natural jute twine then placed it in a simple terracotta dish (included).

Bromeliaceae like good air circulation and bright, indirect light. Let the soil ball dry before watering again. Keep the reservoir at the base of the leaves filled with water, but make sure to weekly flush out and fill again. If your home is dry, add small rocks and water to the dish for the kokedama to sit on. This will help increase humidity around the plant. Alternatively, mist several times a week. Fertilize at half strength once a month during flowering. Once flowering is over, look for 'pups' or offsets to begin growing at the base of the plant. These may be removed to start new plants. At this point, the parent plant will die.

Kokedama diameter is 4". With plate, 14" tall.

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