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Milk Bottle Marimo

Milk Bottle Marimo



Marimo moss balls make perfect pet plants. Wonderfully green, round and velvety, wild marimo are found in only a handful of freshwater lakes in the Northern Hemisphere. Not really a moss, Aegagropila linnaei is a type of algae that grows only up to 5 mm a year, yet may live for 100+ years. In Japanese folklore the marimo is symbolically associated with true love.

This design

This design features three marimo - two small (about 0.5") and one medium (about 1") - atop white pebbles with crushed mirror glass and a beautiful, real spindle sea shell. The bottle is 2.5" L x 2.5" W x 7.5" H.

Marimo require very little light and weekly tap water changes. Further care guidance is here.

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