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Peace Lily Kokedama

Peace Lily Kokedama


This serene Peace Lily kokedama is easy-care and will even tell you when it needs watering (it will droop!). For this kokedama design, the soil ball is wrapped in dried Spanish moss and natural white twine then placed on a simple glass dish (included).

Spathiphyllum does well in low light conditions, but really thrives with more indirect light. How many flowers and how often they appear is partly a function of how much light the plant gets. Expect subsequent flowerings to yield two or three flowers at a time. Try to keep the soil moist at all times, but definitely water whenever you see the plant drooping. Fertilize with a weak solution once every two months.

IMPORTANT: Peace Lily can be poisonous if eaten by pets or children.

Kokedama diameter is 5". With plate, 17" tall.

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