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Sea Fan Airium


Air plant airiums

Tillandsia, or air plants as they are popularly called, are native throughout the southern U.S. and down into South America. The most well known species is the gorgeous, romantic Spanish moss. Air plants require no soil, instead absorbing water and nutrients through their leaves. Any roots they may have are used to cling to other plants.

This design

This airium features three Tillandsia - plageotropica, ionantha and filifolia - atop coarse white sand with a red sea fan in the background. The glass globe is about 7" in diameter with a flat bottom, so it may be stood or hung from the 12" rope.

For air plant care guidance, please read this page.

Please note that each design is living and handmade. As such, variations in plant color, size, shape, etc. should be expected.

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